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Derbyshire Creek Park Camava City Fleming Meadows Campground La Grange Leonard Lake Park La Murray City Lo Ciello RV Park Shoreside Seacane Point Camava Beach
TONIGHT'S     Outlook! Unoccupied sites at this time *
Derbyshire Creek Park 4 Sites
Fleming Meadows Campground 261 Sites
Leonard Lake Park 3 Sites
Lo Ciello RV Park 7 Sites
Seacane Point 45 Sites

* These numbers do change from minute to minute as people claim open sites and we get them into the system.

Sites cannot be reserved same-day, so you must be at the park to claim a site for tonight!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Camava County's smoking/tobacco policy? What is the cancellation policy? When is insurance required? How do I book a wedding, reunion, or other special event? Are Camava County Parks free? Is Alcohol allowed in County Parks? When are boat slips available?